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Richard Miles

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CLOSEM is a software tool that automates the time-consuming work of following up with leads, prospects and customers. It is an easy to use contact management system (CRM) coupled with a powerful messaging platform that allows you to send email, text and even voice messages to individuals or groups with the click of a button. CLOSEM gives you the ability to send personalized text messages to multiple contacts at once, but the real superpower of the platform is that you can combine multiple messages into a sequence (or campaign) that is sent out over time. These message sequences are proven to generate 80% more response than sending a single message.

CLOSEM offers affordable plans for all sizes of businesses, and comes with a series of pre-written message templates in a variety of categories like following up inbound leads, prospecting for new business, asking for referrals and reviews, and more, which you can use as-is or customize to suit your needs. Learn more on their website at
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